Claremont - Extension and Renovation
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We absolutely love the juxaposition of old and new in our Claremont project. Our clients have a 1940's Art Deco semi-detached bungalow in Claremont and Mindful Homes was asked to build a modern living room extension and convert the existing sleep-out into a bathroom. This project was exciting and satisfying for us as builders because period homes have many quirks and surprises and offer different challenges than modern builds. The existing home is typical of many Western Australian houses built prior to 1950, with double brick built on limestone, and the main challenge we had was to ensure the existing home blended seamlessly with the new extension. Our clients have great taste which made our job so much easier as they were so open to innovative and new design styles, and the end result is a beautifully designed and built space that the family will enjoy for many years to come.